Kris Kristofferson

Prone to Lean (aka Funky Water or Good For Nothing Blues)


I was born without a daddy

And the gutter was my home

And when Mama died

The only thing she left me was alone


There ain’t nothing in the world

That I ain’t fool enough to try

I’m hard to hurt and too

Damn mean to die



         I wash my face in funky water

         Pick my teeth with a rusty spoke

         Hide your dishes and daughters

         Anything that might get broke

         I prefer your condemnation

         To your sucking sympathy

         Darlin’ good for nothing

         Is good enough for me 


I said I don’t need nobody, girl

I get by by myself

And you sure don’t need me more

Than you don’t need nobody else

‘Cause unless you want a hurting place

Where your heart used to be

Darlin’ you don’t want no part of me


** Repeat Chorus


Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson c. Resaca/EMI and Universal (BMI) All rights reserved


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