Kris Kristofferson

No Matter Where I’ve Been


Don’t be surprised if I come knocking

At your gate some night so late

That you’ll be too surprised to let me in

‘Cause I am just a wandering soul

Who wandered past the last control

But I’ll remember you no matter where I’ve been


They say especially in a wanderer

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Fonder of the love he knows right then

Well, I’ve known loves from sunny Spain

To the shores of Portland, Maine

But I’ll remember you, no matter where I’ve been

‘Cause the you’re the girl with the sea shells in her hair

And the one and only girl who never ever cared


Yes, you’re the one and only maid

Whoever could have made me stay

At home with you not even caring when

The television was repaired

Or if the old car had a spare

Yeah, I’ll remember you no matter where I’ve been


And in the end it’s you I’ll come back to

And in the end you’ll need me as much as I need you

‘Cause even ivy needs a wall where it can climb up solid straight and tall

And birds must have a place to nest in

I know you’re not the clinging type and you’re the last one I would hype

But I’ll remember you no matter where I’ve been


Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson & Marijohn Wilkin c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc (BMI) and Buckhorn Music Publishers (1967?)


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