Kris Kristofferson

New Mister Me


The moment that you saw him

You just looked the other way

The blood within his eye

Was like a curse


He had two heavy pistols

Which were greasied up and ready

And a face like Bobby Dylan's, only worse


He ordered up a whiskey, which he drank like he was thirsty

And ordered him another of the same

Suddenly the silence of the frozen room was shattered

By a kid who shot before he called his name


He looked up at his killer

From the floor where he had fallen

And said, "Well look what you have gone and done to me"


He said, "Son, I think you blew it

But you're truly welcome to it

You can be the new Mister Me"


"You can be the new Mister Me, Me, Me

Ain't it true that's what you want to be, yesiree, Bob

And I'll be somewhere sunny where where it's funny and it's free

And you can be the new Mister Me"


Well I was there the day they say that Bobby Dylan died

You and I both know he got away

He's out there stealin' horses

Really learnin' how to ride

And he's the reason I am free today


Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All Rights Reserved


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