Kris Kristofferson

Fallen Woman


See the fallen woman

Daughter of the night

In her world of shadows

She can’t stand the light

And she drinks to drown the embers

Of her burning shame

Everyone condemns her

No one knows her name

Fallen Woman


Bargain for her beauty

Her price won’t be high

Many men have used her

None can make her cry

Because she was born in sorrow

And she’ll die the same

She has no tomorrow

No one knows her name

Fallen Woman


Fallen Woman of the world

Is it true you were once a little girl…


Join her brittle laughter

Flatter her with lies

If you think she’s smiling

Look in her eyes

She knows no man wants to change her

Isn’t it a shame

Old familiar stranger

No one knows her name

Fallen woman

Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All Rights Reserved


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